Mark - Managing Director

Lover of fast cars and desserts... although he's always trying to convince us otherwise ;)

What Mark doesn't know about our industry probably isn't worth knowing.

Liz - Director

The brains of the operation and voice of reason.  Sorts out all the stuff the airy-fairy design types don't like to think about.

Jon - Design Director

Loves to create stuff.  His 'celebrity wife' is Carol Vorderman, even after all these years - his real wife has a celebrity husband so that's okay!  Jon's favourite car is a Nissan S-Cargo (you may need to look that up).


Neil - Sales Manager

The joker in the pack, Neil is our resident plane spotter and photographer.  When not selling stickers he can usually be found near an airfield with his head in the clouds, sporting a very long lens.

Richard - Graphic & Wrap Installer

AKA 'Lurch'. The tallest member of our team by far, which is very handy - no scaffolding required.

Jordan - Graphic & Wrap Installer

An Apple guru. If only Funkeefish made chicken nuggets - Jordan could be our chief connoisseur and tester.

Cheryl - Production Assistant

One of the two reptiles in our office, Cheryl is always cold, but she smiles through our British winters with gritted teeth.

Jar Jar - Funkeefish Mascot

How could we forget!  Always lurking in the background so there's ever the chance of an appearance.  Loved and hated in equal measure he's always here at Funkeefish - and of course part of popular culture.