To showcase their impressive new training facility in Milton Keynes, our good friends at Avery Dennison approached us to work up ideas for wall-wraps, floor-wraps and table top graphics using some of their superb products.

After initial consultations we were pretty much given free-reign to experiment with concepts, artwork, vinyls, colour and layout.  As always we jumped at the chance to show off our extensive design, manufacture and installation capability.

The stairwell

The wrap on Avery's walls in the foyer show a very ordinary London scene, but as you climb the stairs towards the classroom on the upper level, you turn a corner and notice some very odd looking aircraft, then... POW!!!  You are confronted with a barrage of spaceships, spacemen, exploding stars and moons, enticing you up the stairs into the exciting world of colour and possibilities, the core of the Avery Dennison brand.

onto the walkway...

The first thing you notice when you take the walkway from the building's foyer to the fitting training area is a large beaver blocking your way!  Why a beaver?  Because here a fitter will learn their practical skills, and a busy beaver with an Avery tool-belt and blade would be exactly what you'd expect to see. . .  obviously  :)))

The Avery beaver standing upright in front of you uses the same optical illusion used with TV advertising in football stadiums;  from one fixed point the image appears upright, but from all other angles looks very distorted indeed.  It's a great thing to see in real life.

The walkway walls and floor carry a scene of flying cars heading out from a futuristic city, over a tropical beach to an Avery Dennison ice-cream van on the edge of the jungle.  The cars are world-wide winners of Avery's prestigious 'Wrap Like a King' competition, The PG Nola 'Psycho Hurricane' and the Exotic Graphix 'Toxic Rat'.  They're followed by an Avery Dennison Nissan S-Cargo van, the favorite of the mural's creator and Funkeefish Design Director, Jon Dawson.

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